Spend some time alone every day. what is the mission of my life? what do l want to be? and how to go about it? After that, you give your answer with your own mind observers. find your inner power and focus your inner power on your goal which you wanted with heart if you don’t go your goal and you go ahead without your life mission you can’t satisfy in your life if you want to focus on a goal and achieve success and happiness you live alone with peace. Friend’s you know that we have two minds this is our conscious mind and which have 10 percent power but our 90 percent power work in our subconscious mind. If we using this power we can do and achieve anything in our life whatever we want in our life.  

So that friends if we want to activate our subconscious mind we use visualization of our goal feel yourself you can achieve it became it doing it you use this technique with silence in the morning when you wake up and evening sleeping with this positive feeling I have lot of power I am life energy l am powerful soul I never died this body has died but l am a soul my father is the supreme soul who is the source of peace love knowledge and power l received this all power through God universe and cosmic power. Feel this energy with silence thanks for God giving the power to achieve any goal everyday early morning when you wake up thanks for God who give one nice day keep silent within 10 mins when you awake up feel in the present moment and feel yourself l am a tiny point of light energy I the soul master of this body.                                                                                       ads

  This body is mine this eye is mine but l am different from this physical body which is known as the soul energy realize yourself l am soul my father is the supreme god who is known as the ocean of peace love knowledge and power. l the soul have peace and my original qualities are peace power love knowledge and silence. feel this all peace power spiritual energy come from the universe I feel within spiritual power the power of silence which activated my subconscious mind and helps to achieve my life goal. So, Friends if you want to get more success, peace, and happiness in your life activate your subconscious mind through silence or meditation and use the power of silence.


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