Lalitpur District is one district of Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley is make by three district Bhaktpur, Lalitpur, and Kathmandu District . Many people say Lalitpur is in kathmandu but it is totally wrong .Lalitpur is nearest district of kathmandu which boarder is attached in kathmandu . 

About Lalitpur district 

Lalitpur Durbar square

Now days Lalitpur District is part of the Bagmati Province seventy district of Nepal . Lalitpru District cover area is 385Sqmter.. It is a famous and histrocial place of today Nepal . It is different independent country before make a greater Nepal . Who is make Gorkha king Prithibi Narayan shah . before made great Nepal it was coumtry of Newar .it is a nearest of capital city .so it is develop like kathmandu. It all major district is attach in kathmandu Major city. Now days it is a tourist and industrial area of Nepal . In Lalitpur goverment make a Patan Industrial area . In Lalitpur here are many travel and histrionic place in Lalitpur. In Lalitpur you can see many palce for travel Like : Patan Darbarsquire, Jawalakhek Zoo, Godawari, Lele and many travel palce you can found in Lalitpur . Lalitpur is Agriculture hub and investigation main area of Nepal . In Lalitpur you can find a agriculture investigation area of bagbani, tarkari bikash kendra and different government zone is opreate from Lalitpur District . 2011 data Lalitpur total population is 468,132 and here main speak language is Nepali, than after other main Language is Newari and other . In Lalitpur Newari is second big spoke language . Lalitpur permanent origin people is Newar who is live in kathmandu when establish make a country of Lalitpur. Other are came to Lalitpur Migrate Nepal other area . In Lalitpur is not totally area is valley some area is valley and other is mountain . Every year in Lalitpur come to visit thousand of tourist . They come Lalitpur visit here histrocial place, natural beauty culture and other thing . In Lalitpur come thousand of tourist for visit because it is a old art city and nearest of kathmandu. kathmandu and Lalitpur main city distance is less than one minute so any tourist is come to visit kathmandu they go to visit in Lalitpur . Lalitpur District is education hub of outside valley student who pass SEE or SLC. Thousand of student come to Lalitpur for study outside of valley . Lalitpur is one religious place of hindu . In Lalitpur you can find many famous hindu's gods temple . who is make many many years ago. In Lalitpur you can take a enjoy in Lalitpur remote area and urban area both . In Lalitpur you found old art and religious of boudh .

Lalitpur is tourist, industrial, and agriculture area of Nepal. In Lalitpur we can see many place old art of Nepal. who is make here old generation . In real Lalitpur is industrial and agriculture beauty area of Nepal . 

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