kathmandu Nepal

 kathmandu Nepal is a capital city of  Nepal .  It is a one of the biggest city of Nepal . Kathmandu is a religious and histrocial of Nepal . In live a many cast and live a different religious people live in kathmandu Nepal .

    About Kathmandu 

    kathmandu Nepal was independent country before make great Nepal . Great Nepal was make Nepal Gorkha country king Prithibi Narayan Saha . Who was a king of Nepal Gorkha country. Kathmandu origin old cast is Newar who is live in kathmandu make before great Nepal .

    In kathmandu Many religious and travel place . In kathmandu people fousn a combination of  religious and other thing . In kathmandu you can see a many religious main temple . In Kathmandu Nepal you can see a Nepal country god temple of Shree pasupatinath who is a temple of hindu's gods . In kathmandu you can see a other religious god temple . Like boudh god temple of Syambhu , sikha main god temple of Guruduwar, Muslim main temple of Lalmiri kasmari masjit  and other many religious god temple avabile in kathmandu .

    Places to visit near kathmandu

    In kathmandu  here are many visiting place for tourist . Here are many attracted place for tourist . In kathmandu you can visit Basantapur Darbarsquire, Narahiti Darbarsquire, world heritage site pasupatinath, and etc.  You can see other many romantic place from kathmandu . You can see Langtang Himal, Jugal Himal, and other many place you can see from kathmandu . If you come to visit kathmandu you can fell a different .  In kathmandu you can buy a Nepal historicl goods . who is make copy of today nepali artist . If you come to visit kathmandu Nepal you can go other famous tourist place low cost . who is nearest of kathmandu Like : Bhaktpur Darbarsuqire, paliotbaba, etc. 
    If you come to visit kathmandu here is all facilities available which you get in development country travel palace .

    Above give a picture of Kathmandu DarbarSquire  . It is a most beautiful and you can see this picture it is a old artist art . It is a not modern art  in Kathmandu you can see many other traditionl thing you can see and learn . In kathmandu Nepal you can take a enjoy many cast many traditional culture and festival  its all is only available Nepal capital city kathmandu.

    kathmandu is one Most beautiful and big city of the Nepal . In kathmandu Nepal find a Nepal other different district people . In overall i confidently say it is a historical, religious, traveling and and tourist place of Nepal   

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