Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world . This country in in south Asia . It cover 147614 Sq/km . This country three side boarder attach in India and one side north attach in china . Nepal is developing country in south Asia . Nepal was underdevelopment country before 2063 BS . After 2063 here government was changed and new government development Nepal very fast .  

    About Nepal 

    Nepal is one land lock country it means : it country no any land touch in sea . Nepal is a Neutral country  in Nepal you can find Many thing which thing you couldn't find other country . In Nepal  30 million people are live . Here are many religion people are live but they all are respect each other religion . In Nepal until date no any people fight subject for religion . Nepal some place is look like Switzerland . Nepal weather is most suitable for living .  If any person come Nepal for visit they found many visiting place . Who is famous in the world Like Mount Everest , RaRa Lake, and many more . You find all thing here neutrally . Today time in Nepal 77 District and 3 province. In Nepal live more people of hindu religion than after boudh and other religion . In Nepal you can found many religion of people . In Nepal you can found every religion of people. Nepal is Gautam Buddha Born country. It is a hindu and other religion start country . Boudha religion was start form Nepal . Today who is make one of big religion in the world. In Nepal  Before 2063 rule by Nepali kingdom but after 2063 In Nepal rule by politic party system of democratic and republic 

    Places to visit in Nepal  

    Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world so you can find may travel area here . You can found many natural and  imagine place found here . In Nepal  you can found world highest mountain Mount Everest and other . You can found world tallest 7 mountain in Nepal . You can visit other many place which in Nepal . you can visit many 

    Nepal Main visiting Palace Name is Kathmandu, Pokhara, Ialam, solukhumbhu and etc. If you come to Nepal you can fell a different . you fell a coming haven. New days Nepal  is not a poor or not a reach country. It is most reach form nature resource. It is most reach culture religion and other thing . It is a peaceful country. It is a religious tourist country . In year Nepal many people come to visit therre ligious place. In world Nepal is only one country where no any people do voilace subject of religion .If any people want to visit to Nepal they need their country password and arrival approve of Nepal government and their country approval . Here are no any threat of any people for you because it is a peaceful country .

    Nepal is peaceful and rich resource country . Nepal make a probability of  development and make dream for future . Any people come in Nepal and study this country they found all probablity here. 

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